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Getting your home or business back to normal after experiencing unexpected disasters is our top priority at SourceOne. Our dedicated  Ready Team of professionals specialize in comprehensive restoration services, addressing a range of issues such as water damage, fire damage, mold damage, biohazard cleanup, and asbestos abatement. 

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Fire Damage Cleanup

In the aftermath of a fire, the road to recovery can be overwhelming, both emotionally and physically. At SourceOne, we understand the devastating impact of fire damage and are committed to helping homeowners and business owners regain a sense of normalcy through our Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration Services. Our dedicated response team, aptly named the Ready Team, stands ready 24/7 to swiftly address the aftermath of fires and provide comprehensive restoration solutions.

Additionally SourceOne’s Ready Team combines expertise with empathy, ensuring a seamless and compassionate approach to fire damage restoration. Along with years of experience in the industry, our highly skilled professionals utilize state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques to assess, clean, and restore properties to their pre-fire condition. Our holistic services encompass smoke and soot removal, structural repairs, odor elimination, and content restoration. We prioritize efficiency without compromising quality, working tirelessly to minimize downtime for our clients and accelerate the restoration process. Besides their technical expertise, the Ready Team understands the emotional toll of fire incidents and strives to be a pillar of support for affected individuals and families. Trust SourceOne and our Ready Team to navigate the complexities of fire damage restoration, providing not just a service but a pathway to healing and rebuilding.

Fire Damage...

Recovering from fire damage involves a series of steps beginning with ensuring personal safety and securing the property. Contact emergency services immediately and do not re-enter the damaged property until it has been declared safe by authorities. Seek professional fire damage restoration services, as they can effectively assess the damage, perform necessary clean-ups, and repair structural damage. Communicate with your insurance company to report the incident and understand your coverage for repairs and replacements. Also, don’t overlook your emotional well-being during this challenging time, seek support from family, friends, or professional counselors.

The duration of the fire restoration process really depends on the extent of the damage, the size of the affected area, and the specific restoration needs. Minor damages might be resolved in a few days, while extensive damages requiring significant repair and reconstruction could take several weeks or even months to fully address. Each situation is unique, and a detailed assessment by fire restoration professionals can provide a more accurate timeline.

  • Prioritize Safety: Confirm the area is secure for cleanup activities by getting clearance from relevant officials first. Additionally, refrain from using any electrical devices that were impacted by the fire until they’ve been thoroughly evaluated and declared safe.


  • Eliminate Unrecoverable Items: Conduct an evaluation to identify and discard items beyond repair, such as scorched clothing, bulky fabric goods, household furnishings, sleeping mattresses, beauty products, personal hygiene products, medications, and any foodstuff affected by smoke, soot, or chemicals used during firefighting efforts. It’s crucial to note that lack of visible damage doesn’t guarantee the absence of contamination.


  • Improving Air Flow and Moisture Control: Enhance the circulation within your home by opening windows and utilizing fans, which assists in eliminating odors and hazardous substances from smoke. Employ a wet-dry vacuum to eliminate any accumulated water and address damp regions to halt mold formation. Items such as rugs and furniture with upholstery, if damp, should be moved outdoors to aid in the drying process.


  • Surface Cleaning: Conduct a thorough examination of all surfaces to remove any soot accumulation. It’s also critical to have professionals clean your HVAC system to safeguard the indoor air quality. To ensure the air remains fresh, make it a routine to replace the air filters regularly.


  • Hire A Pro: Remember, each situation may vary based on the extent of the fire damage, so it’s essential to adjust your approach accordingly. For comprehensive cleanup and restoration, hiring professionals who specialize in fire damage restoration can ensure your property and belongings are properly cared for and can help speed up the recovery process.

701 SE 32nd Ct. Suite 202.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


701 SE 32nd Ct. Suite 202.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.